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NUCCA Healing Stories

Check out some of our patient testimonials below!

High blood pressure improves


Just wanted to let you know how my blood pressure went down from over 145-155/85-90 down to 120/70. I had a life insurance physical shortly thereafter and the results were so outstanding that I got the Preferred Best rating.

All that for a 68 year old who has had problems with hypertension for the last 5 years. You said we could give NUCCA a try and it sure worked well for me.

Help with jaw pains and migraines


I have had migraines and jaw pain for years and they are all gone after only a few visits. I am so grateful and can’t wait to see the results my husband gets.

Off of allergy medication


I was a sickly kid and have had bad allergies my whole life. I have not had to take allergy medicine since the first correction and am thrilled. It is so great to be able to breathe again and not take medicine that I know has harmful side-effects. It is easier to get through my whole day. Thanks.

No headaches now, with deeper sleep


I used to have headaches, really bad ones, at least once a week.  I haven’t had one since I came to your office. I sleep deeper and just have a better sense of well-being. I am so glad I found out about you.

I wanted less anxiety – I got that, plus more than I bargained for


I feel great – no shoulder tightness. All I wanted was to have less anxiety and I got that…and more than I bargained for. My wife and daughter feel great after NUCCA too. Thank you, Marcy.

Better balance while dancing


I feel very square and my balance in dance class and when teaching is really improved. I told my husband and a friend that they just have to come to see you.

I was very skeptical – worth the trip


I was very skeptical about NUCCA, but tried it after a work injury. My shoulder was numb, painful and tingly before driving several hours to see Dr. Ziska. Well, the tingling and numbness are gone and I have pain much less often. It was worth the trip!

No more back pain after one visit


This is great! No more back pain just after one visit. I feel great as a result of NUCCA care.